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MoonTools is currently in open Beta. After the open Beta period ends ends, you will need to hold 2 MOONS to access our app. Different membership tiers will be available in the future.

  • Dashboard

    Customize your own experience for tracking all your favorite tokens on one screen

  • Pair Explorer

    Explore token pairs in real time with an overview of transactions and graphing tools

  • Price Alerts

    Set price alerts and notifications for desktop and mobile

  • Portfolio Tracker

    Sync your wallet and track your portfolio

  • Token Explorer

    Research tokens with well organised data

  • Wallet Explorer

    Explore wallet balances and transaction history


MOONS tokens will be required to access the MoonTools app after the open Beta period. Different membership tiers will be available based on the amount of tokens held. In the future, MOONS will also be used for voting on feature priority.
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MOONS token contract:
Total Supply
50,000 MOONS

Private Sale

1 ETH : 200 MOONS
10% 5,000 MOONS


1 ETH : 125 MOONS
25% 12,500 MOONS

Uniswap Liquidity

1 ETH : 110 MOONS
(Locked for 1 year)
20% 10,000 MOONS


15% 7,500 MOONS

Marketing / Partnerships

15% 7,500 MOONS


(Locked for 3 months, 10% released monthly)
15% 7,500 MOONS